Research and Development

FeliCity is regularily participating in European reserach projects and have several success stories.

EUB SuperHub

European Building Sustainability performance and energy certification Hub

Project description

The next generation of energy performance assessments and certificates ought to address the transformation into an era where an increasing amount data are available on the operational use of buildings, and the buildings can be observed with ever increasing details via a larger number of stakeholders. The EUB SuperHub project will support the evolvement of the certification process in the EU by development of a scalable methodology to view, assess and monitor the buildings through their lifecycle (embedded energy, costs etc.). The EU Level(s) initiative is already leading a way of a new, holistic view of the buildings taking into account sustainability principles (LCA, LCC etc.) for residential, commercial and public buildings. Energy performance assessments and certificates of buildings therefore need to evolve to reflect the technological development, the needs of the society, and within the EU, they must be consistent throughout Member States. Holistic view of buildings, social and technological shifts in the society require a change in the way we observe and handle the built environment helping incentives to yield in energy efficiency and investments.

Our role

As a work package leader, FeliCity will coordinate the implementation tasks within the 3rd work package.

The EUB SuperHub platform will provide its features grouped in three modules:

  • E-passport cockpit: access point to stored building certificates, the digital building logbook as well as the Passport
  • Planning and verification tool: setting up what-if scenarios on multiple scales, applying technology neutral interventions and run on-the-fly energy simulations
  • Virtual Marketplace: facilitating collaboration among stakeholders (building owners, energy and sustainability experts, auditors, certification bodies, investors and funding bodies)


Adattamento e resilienza dei territori alpini di fronte ai cambiamenti climatici

Project description

ARTACLIM is a cross-border research-action project with the main objective to integrate measures of adaptations to climate change in territorial programming and planning of local administrations.

Our role

FeliCity implemented the ARTACLIM Platform hosting the Resilient Territories Tool. The application consists of three main component:

  • Assessment: set of tools managing protocols and assessment processes
  • Calculation tool: collection of tools calculating sustainability indicators
  • GIS Tool: visualisation of indicators using Mapbox


Alpi Efficienza Energetica

  • project start date May 2017
  • project end date May 2020
  • budget € 2,600,000
  • EU programme Interreg ALCOTRA
  • project website

Project description

The A2E Project is a cross-border cooperation project aimed at improving the energy performance of public buildings over their life cycle, starting from the consideration that even buildings designed to be "low consumption" have, during use, significant critical issues that compromise the established energy performance.

To this end, the A2E project aims to share and capitalize on the experiences developed in Italy and France by creating common analysis tools and developing and experimenting training actions aimed at increasing the skills of the players in the construction sector.

Our role

As a subcontractor, FeliCity implemented the assessment tool that has been used in the project for district analysis.


Advanced Tools for Low-carbon, high-value development of historic architecture in the Alpine Space

Project description

The ATLAS project aims at (re-)discovering all traditional architecture (buildings and ensembles beyond the level of protection). These buildings are often located in neglected areas and provide low levels of energy efficiency and comfort. The project aims at paving the way for sustainable development of historic structures. This will include capitalizing and optimizing existing best practice solutions for building refurbishment and regional development. Stakeholders of the whole value chain and decision-makers are included in a network to ensure sustainability from social, ecological and cultural points of view.

Our role

FeliCity delivered the ATLAS Platform, a district energetic performance assessment tool customised for the Alpine Space