FeliCity is fast and efficient web-based decision support tool for assessing condition and energetic performance of large building stocks as well as setting up and comparing retrofitting concepts based on key performance indicators.

Integrated Decision Support Tool

Your perfect ally for planning optimal retrofitting concept and impressive live results demonstrations

Why FeliCity?

  • Efficient building data integration and building administration for energetic performance and building condition assessment through big data methods
  • Time-saving data entry mode and easy to handle intuitive usage in 3D environment
  • Flexibly applicable also under complex circumstances and easy integration of existing building information model
  • Innovative integration of neighbouring buildings for district and property-wide concepts
  • Fast thermal building simulation and worldwide 3D visualisation of results
  • Innovative analysis functions for future-oriented technologies on neighbourhood level (RES, Energy networks, smart grids, storage systems)
  • Life Cycle-wide evaluation of energy retrofitting measures through Key Performance Indicators (payback, ROI, Life Cycle Cost)
  • Comprehensive energetic prioritization and assessment functions for the building stock regarding energetic figures and building renovation cost
  • A unique interactive and portable tool ideal for board meetings and presentation to decision-makers

The tool uses a comprehensive European 3D building database which serves as an extendible basis for real-time thermal simulation and data visualisation. Life Cycle-wide evaluation of energy retrofitting measures and innovative analysis functions for future-oriented technologies on neighbourhood level are included.


You can't build a great building on a weak foundation. You must have a solid foundation if you're going to have a strong superstructure. — Gordon B. Hinckley


FeliCity is based on the results of the research project FASUDIR funded by the 7th framework programme of the European Union and implemented by an interdisciplinary development team of several leading scientific and research institutes, software developers and experts in the field of building retrofitting from 5 European countries.

FASUDIR on Cordis


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