EUB SuperHub project has been launched

Learn about the grant agreement number, the project status, how much has the EU contributed and who the coordinator is.

EUB SuperHub project will tie the „distributed” systems, assessment schemes and certifications spread across the EU, based on common criteria (e.g. Level(s), SRIs, EVCS) through a digital one-stop shop platform. The EUB SuperHub one-stop shop, will store, georeference, display and organise the local public databases of EPC (Energy Performance Certificates), local sustainability and SRI ratings into a common digital E-passport. The passports will be connected to a virtual matchmaking market place. Thus, creating the conditions for demand driven market for energy, sustainable and smart building. The EUB SuperHub E-passport will be supported by a digital building logbook (materials used, HVAC systems, previous renovations, BIM files, etc. ) and will utilize latest cutting edge assessment techniques and criteria - smart readiness, materials logbook for circular economy, LCC, IAQ etc. - to boost the establishment of the transparency, reliability, comparable good quality of certifications.

Find more information on the project on CORDIS